Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gun Rights folks: Call and write your Congressman NOW!

PJMedia is reporting that Republicans may already be going soft on gun control.  The link contains e-mail traffic purported to be from a "Republican Congressional leader's office."  It's instructive as this exchange shows the "party of smaller government" as the invertebrates they truly are.

To be fair, opponents of gun control have and will continue to be lambasted by the mainstream press as uncaring Neanderthals amid the cries of "Do SOMEthing!" The President has promised to put all the weight of his office behind gun control efforts. These may be the only voices they're hearing.  All the kvetching and caterwauling in the world on your Facebook page won't make a difference.  Elected officials need to hear from "We The People" on this matter. Let them know the press doesn't speak for you. 

Over on Instapundit, one of the readers said,
"I have heard some talk that passage of new gun control would be a good thing for the Republicans, as it would lead to a repeat of the 1994 midterm elections. I am of the mind that it will only cause more voters that should rightly be in the GOP column to disengage. Reference the voters that stayed home instead of voting for Romney. If the Republicans don’t want to spend another 30 years wandering in the desert on a national level, they need to stand for something other than tax cuts. Maybe they could start with individual liberty and protecting the rights of law abiding Americans.” 
Elected officials (regardless of party) need to be clued in that compromising on gun control is a "non-starter."  Let them know that a magazine ban is just as egregious as a assault weapons ban.  Let them know in no uncertain terms that your vote in 2014 depends on how they vote on this issue. 

Please, please, please, call both your Senators and your Congressman (you have only one), and let them know how you feel on gun control.  Be concise, be polite, but be firm.  Let them know their career depends upon it.  Here's how.  My phone call alone won't make a difference. However, all of us together tying up the Congressional switchboard and swamping their mailroom will send a message.  We need to be louder than the opposition.