Thursday, April 17, 2014

Everytown for Gun Safety: Michael Bloomberg and Shannon Watts had a baby!

Former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg is pledging to donate ~$50 million dollars to a new "gun safety" advocacy group called, "Everytown for Gun Safety."  According to a NY Times article, he is combining his  "Illegal Mayors Against Illegal Guns*" with Shannon Watts's group, "Moms Demand Attention Action."  The group "aims to build grass roots support on gun violence prevention, including universal backgrounds checks, gun trafficking, and responsible gun ownership."

I find this interesting because, while Everytown has stated that their goal is to counter the NRA, law-abiding gun-owners agree with Bloomberg on 3 of the 4 goals.  Besides, committing violent acts (with or without a firearm) and gun trafficking are already illegal, and responsible gun ownership is advocated by the NRA and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).  If the only bone of contention is universal background checks, then why not work WITH law-abiding gunowners instead of against them?

The new Everytown website offers this video showing two children playing hide-and-seek, and one of the kids finds a loaded gun.  That's nothing to object to.  We're all for responsible gun ownership.  NRA, the nation's foremost provider of firearms instruction, offers the Eddie Eagle program, which is designed to teach kids to stay away from firearms, and NSSF's, through law enforcement organizations, donates gun safety kits to any gunowners.  Why create animosity between groups who are ostensibly largely in agreement? 

If it's a fight he wants, gunowners can best respond by remaining active and informed (especially on local issues, where he's promised to engage).  Be good ambassadors for the sport.  Take people shooting, especially women and youngsters, and for heaven's sake, don't hand them a .500 Magnum with no instruction and let them get hurt.  Make sure they ENJOY it.  Fight back against the fun police.

* In case you missed it, MAIG recently took down their membership list after gunowners repeatedly pointed out the felons among their ranks.  While Shannon Watts holds herself out as the Mom Next Door, she has worked as a senior public affairs rep for multiple companies.